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I'm sure you already heard these tips a million times, at least a part of them. I always believe in the power of personal experience. That's why I decided to share my experiences with you. Describing how I felt after all these little experiments, which were meant to make my life better. And they did!

How much better, I could have never ever imagined at the beginning...

I needed a whole bunch of faith and endurance to keep going forward, but among other factors I'm very grateful that I had a group of women behind me (with leadership of Mónika Jónás - my blessings to Her!), keeping together, who helped me over the difficult moments - sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a kick in the a**. :D Whatever was needed...

Hereby some topics, which meant a milestone in making my life a better, more joyful one.


Notice you eat more when you have some imbalance or stress in your life?

Unfortunately, it is so common - we could say it's "natural". Known it for about 25 years... But how much damage it actually makes to our emotional behaviour and balance, I could not have imagined till now.

Basic eating tips if you are a carbohydrate type:

- The golden rule of "many times, little bites" (It was quite a hard one for me, especially in the beginning. But the more I focused on the joyous moments in your life, the less dependent I was on food. It is still important, I love enjoying food, but I'm much more independent on it than before.)

If you are a protein type, your basic energy source are fats - can be plant based, containing oils and nuts. You eat less times a day, but then a good portion. Basically it is no problem for you to let your body starve for 12 hours. Listen to your body and drink a lot of water!

- Drink at least 3 l water a day! Cannot repeat enough, this habit is not only important for our body and to keep our skin fresh and young (especially if you have an extremely dry skin like me), but also helps to purify our emotions, and work through them easier. Hence, as much as a shower is refreshing to our body, is drinking water for our soul. (Actually it's a soul-shower! :D - Combined with a few minutes meditation every morning, you give yourself the perfect head start for a new day.)

- Stop mixing eating and drinking. Try not to drink about 20 minutes before eating, and an hour after eating - but wait at least half an hour, if you really cannot wait longer.

Eating and drinking at the same time is much more responsible for making our bodies acid, than we would think. It is as important as WHAT we actually eat. With separating them we give our body a bit of ease with digestion.

- What to eat? Basic rule, eat what feels good for your body! Pay attention during and after you eat something - even the next day, the next morning you wake up, how it feels to be in that body of yours. If you need meet, eat it - just pay attention for the quantities. I have been a vegetarian for about 10 years now, but I had periods when my body needed meet. It took me 3 years to get more flexible on this, and when once in a while I needed something else, like fish for instance, then for heaven's sake allow myself to eat it. Doing so, in the past half year I turned out to be vegan, only by paying attention to how my body reacted on certain food types. I realized, I feel much better, easier with plant based food. I also have a much better emotional balance. But it's personal for everyone. Don't force yourself to anything because of principles. Just give things a try and give time to your body and yourself (your mind, emotions) to develop an honest reaction towards them. The better you know your body, the better you can nurture it and respond to its needs. It is our dearest temple - let's be kind and gentle with it - and strict, only when needed.

Our bodies deserve it - WE deserve it! :)

Note: I was struggling with digestion problems ever since I was a kid. Keeping myself to these 3 basic tips helped me getting my digestive system in balance within a few weeks. The stress-eating habit took a few months longer to get rid of, but I am stronger than ever, and I handle it with ease now. Also notice much faster whenever I tend to get back to the "good" old habits, and can put a stop on it without hesitation. I simply know I do something that is good for me. Tends to be an automatism, really.


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It's one of my most blessed practices. Start the day with a small meditation or prayer, give thanks for a beatiful new chance of a new day, and do Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) - it has to be at least one of the three to start my day.


Although I have been doing the Sun Salutation more or less frequently during the past 10 years, it's only recently that I have engaged to pursue a traditional way of yoga practice. Being highly sensitive, I cried after the first 3 lessons, it completely flipped up my emotional cup. But for me this was the sign that I had to continue. Although it was emotionally trying, I also had very intense and pure thoughts during the lessons, which were inspiring, to say the least. And after a few lessons I began to feel the LIGHT. After every yoga class I have the feeling that my head is shining like a bulb. As if the sun decided to sit on my neck for a while... :D - And I have a big smile during the day, following the lesson. I'm more focused and relaxed, it's much easer to concentrate.

My favourite moments during yoga are, besides the beautiful after effect of my lightbulb-head, when my yoga teacher adjusts my position to a state what I've never imagined was possible, and then I notice something: "Hello There, Muscle! Welcome to my body! Didn't even know you existed!" :D - It's so much fun...


It is crucial for me to get in balance and stay in balance to do at least some movement. Depending on the daily energies, it can be running, excercises like plank or Callanetics, you name it. I haven't been practicing the typical strengthening excercises since I was a teenager, so I had to put up with my goal and go for it. If you're in similar shoes, it will require your most humble self in the beginning to go for it and keep up doing it. They say, it can take up to 3 months till our body reacts to it. It might also react sooner, but I also have to admit, making a good habit out of it, and getting my body and mind stronger, took a few months, indeed. It is not only my body that got stronger, but also my mind, my focus, my personal integrity with it. The only thing I have to say about this: IT'S REALLY WORTH THE EFFORT!!!


Hi! Made a video for you about a watercolor postcard that I have sent to one of the elderly homes in these difficult times. Hope it brings some moments of joy to them, as it might to you, as well. Thanks for some of the beautiful ideas to Snehal More (@moredimensionsphotography).

Enjoy! :)

Music: Copyright by HenriEntti


Below you find a body and mind protection meditation, which you can use every morning or evening.

God bless you All, Beautiful Beings. Enjoy and have an amazing day!

Soon I'll be coming back to you with more embracing gifts...


Hey Lovely Ones!

These are challenging times, however, I truly believe that this is a huge chance for all of us to get more conscious and put our focus on the things we always dreamed of but postponed them, just because "life happened". So, grab it, and make the best out of it. Focus on the important things, give love and help for all those important to you. This is why I also felt the calling to start this blog, and give to you whatever inspiration I had during my days, which helped keep up my spirit and make a blissful and joyful day out of it, no matter what happened earlier that day. I also had beautiful people supporting me, groups where we supported each other, and I couldn't be more grateful for all those beautiful people in my life. Some of them in person, others temporarily virtually, main thing is, we keep in touch, and strengthen each other. We are strong together. Never forget that. There will always be people lifting you up, you only need to open your eyes, open your heart and let it happen. <3