Onze missie

HEALING. This is what HenriEntti brings to your life. Through the conscious use of beauty, colour and light I hope to bring a smile to your face and light up your heart every day you are watching or wearing the pieces. Living in this physical reality, we cannot leave our bodies out of the game. If we want to be happy, it is as important to consciously choose our food, as it is to choose our thoughts. (Yes, we do choose them. :)) I have made through a long journey till I have discovered a way out of my burnout, where restoring my healthy hormone balance with consciously feeding myself for a year was as important as my daily yoga and mindfulness practices. We can only heal by treating our mind, body and soul as a unity - that it is, will be and always has been. We just seem to have forgotten about it during these last decades.

What you can expect is a moment of happiness and love, an instant joy capsule brought to you by its pure existence. Day by day.

With the help of my courses I will teach you ways to bring that HEALING to your own life, and build up an everyday routine that suits you the best. And most importantly, how to make your most secret dreams happen, and how you can make sure that they do! All we need to do is learn to know ourselves better. Through that process, we will see the real nature of the world surrounding us, and first of all, our own true nature, that is pure like the first snow. We will also learn how to reconnect to the Source, how to let it flow and manifest itself through us. By doing so, we will simply allow our dreams to happen. Are you ready?