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Always a big fan of nature, I realized how important it is to use its power through the healing effect of natural food, natural clothing and mineral stones, being a little help in our everyday life by keeping it in balance.
HenriEntti has been founded in 2018. The shop only sells natural materials, ensuring the purity of our close environment. These days our lives are stuffed with plastic and artificial substances, which block the energy flow in our bodies. Sometimes we feel being anxious, stressed or exhausted during the day, and sometimes we don’t even know why. The food we eat, the clothes we wear all important factors why we might feel those negative impacts, therefore we have to take care of ourselves: to eat and to wear what is good for us. It's basic, but it’s true.
Life is challenging enough, let’s at least help ourselves with the simplest things possible, such as natural clothes and healing jewelry. Staying in the flow the whole day, connected to Earth and Light will make us feel very different. Balanced, grounded, tolerant.
I believe that such a small, yet so basic puzzle of life like natural clothing can help us feel more loved, shining and kind, bringing joy to the day when wearing it. And if so, aren’t we kinder, more caring and patient towards others, as well? I hope that, after all, this piece of puzzle can be as important as all the other ones to make us healthier and the world a better place.

Source for healing effect description of mineral stones: edelstenenenmineralen.nl and Judy Hall: The Crystal Bijbel

Source of the colour descriptions: Inna Segal, De Geheimtaal van Kleuren

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