HenriEntti is about art without barriers, apprearing in various forms of existence, hence it represents paintings, objects, handmade clothes and jewelry, all the forms of physical expression that I am able to embrace. All handmade, all unique, each of them a glance of eternity, the human itself being just the filter of creation of the united light that we all carry in our hearts. They fill my life with joy throughout the creative process and hope they’re fill yours, too.

Painting since 2010, I found joy and balance through this form of creation. Shortly after that I realized that these works are also able to bring joy to others’ lives, being the source of beauty in the environments they are part of. My paintings express feeling, ambiance, a scent, a sound, an experience - the least tangible parts of life, which appear on a subconscious level.

I have been making my own jewelry ever since I was a kid. I always felt the ancient nature of creating jewelries while making them, I think this form of creation is as old as humanity itself. I especially like mineral stones, because their healing power is used for thousands of years to harmonize our body and soul, and get us back to balance. I feel and use their blessing effect every day.

How did silk become part of my creations?
As most girls, I have been dreaming about my wedding since my childhood, the dress naturally being part of it. Nothing special about it, right? I Always imagined it to be shiny, incredibly simple and through its simplicity – elegant.
When the moment came, I simply could not find that dress. Thus I have decided to make it myself. All by hand, just like the ancients did. I believe it was an important procedure for me, being busy with that dress for 2 months, every evening after my office job. Preparing my soul for the responsability of marriage, while working with my hands. The procedure helped to prepare for the change, and as a plus I loved the result!
Silk is a beautiful material, natural and light, I personally feel like a fairy while wearing it! It is simple, elegant and noble. The cotton inner layer makes sure it also feels super comfy and casual.